So Why 2%?

To find the top talent, we put in place a painstakingly rigorous screening process – thousands of candidates are thoroughly vetted until only the most potent writers remain to form the core of our hub.

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Resume Check

At first, a candidate’s resume is carefully reviewed – we go beyond the photograph attached to it to evaluate each person’s academic background, and sample their writing.

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Language Test

A hopeful may claim to be a living incarnation of Shakespeare, but they would still have to pass an English test to prove their proficiency. What we look for is absolute competence.

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Phone Interview

Next, we want to know about our candidates’ soft skills, and their voice will tell us so much. How they respond to our questions – mirrors their level of commitment and reliability.

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Task in Real Time

To us, written words speak louder than those spoken: to observe hopefuls’ skills in action and their ability to work under deadlines, we challenge them with an elaborate writing task.

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Proven Reliability

Once on the team, newly selected members continue to build on their success – we closely monitor their performance and encourage them to take on the most complex of tasks.

The TOP 2%
of academic talent

Only about 20 out of every 1,000 hopefuls will make the cut – we do know the difference between “acceptable” and “impeccable.” Go for the latter.

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