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An Excellent Essay on Leadership for College Students

We know how frustrating it is to not know how to start writing an academic paper. We understand that many students don’t know how to write an essay about leadership. It’s not that they don’t know enough about the subject. The problem is that they don’t know how the leadership qualities essay should look like in the end. This is why our team of writers has created an example of such a paper for you. This leadership essay is written using the five paragraph structure. You can use it for free as a basis for your next academic writing project.

The Qualities of a Leader – A Leadership Essay

Leadership is a position of power held by one or more individuals within a group. The leader has the power to mobilize the rest of the group members toward a certain goal. The leader is one of the most important parts of the group, as he is able to keep the group together, make it move like one in a specific direction, and help the group keep the momentum. Leaders have specific skills that few other people possess. However, being a leader is also difficult and demanding. But why are leaders so important and what makes them good leaders? Let’s find out.

The Importance of Leadership

Leaders direct the activities of their organization and establish an effective direction. They are able to direct the activities of everyone in the organization towards the final goal. While a project manager can direct a few people towards completing a project, an organization’s leader directs every department towards a common goal.
Leaders are also a source of motivation for the members of the organization. One of the most difficult tasks of a leader is to motivate the subordinates and increase their productivity. Wages and bonuses are just some of the tools used by leaders to achieve this.
If you want higher productivity, you need higher morale. Effective leadership is able to boost the morale of the people in the organization. This has a direct positive effect on productivity and efficiency. A leader is able to overcome resistance and make his point. People are generally reluctant to change various things in life and at work. A leader has the power to help them change, simply by explaining why the changes are beneficial to both the members of the organization and the organization itself.

The Traits of a Leader

There are a few traits that make a leader capable of leading his organization to success. A leader must be focused and must never get distracted by minor things. He always keeps his eyes on the target and works to hit it every time.
A leader also has to be confident and instill confidence in others. Leaders with a clear vision and who can show empathy will be more successful at this.
A leader must show integrity. As long as the leader does what is right, the other members of the organization will respect him and consider him authentic.
An organization’s leader must be an inspiration for the other members of the organization. He must offer motivation and inspire so that other people can do greater things.
Being a leader doesn’t mean one has to play alone. In fact, a leader knows how to be a team member. He will encourage teamwork in any form. A true leader understands that working as a team is very important if he is to reach the goals he sets for his organization.


In conclusion, being a leader is perhaps the most difficult position within a company. He is responsible for driving the organization forward and for inspiring and motivating each member of the organization. This is why a good leader needs a serious set of skills. The truth is that not everyone is cut out to be a leader, even though we all want to believe that we would make exceptional leaders.

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