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Writing an Exceptional Essay on Domestic Violence

Let’s face it; writing a research paper on domestic violence is not an easy thing to do. You don’t have much experience with academic writing and this is not an easy topic. However, you can do it if you have a great example to follow. We have composed a domestic violence essay that you can use as an example. It was composed using the five paragraph essay structure. Use it for free to draw inspiration for your next academic paper, but make sure you write it in your own words. You want to write a 100% original paper, so we advise you to avoid copying and pasting content from this one.

Domestic Violence: A Dark Reality of Modern Society

Domestic violence, also known as battering or family violence is the systematic abuse of one partner by the other in an intimate relationship. It can take many forms, from slapping and procrastinating to restraining and kicking. The threats are also considered a form of domestic violence. Unfortunately, even in our modern world, domestic abuse is still present. Alcohol consumption and mental problems are also factors that influence the occurrence of such events.

Types of Domestic Violence

The main type of domestic violence is psychical abuse. We define psychical abuse as any action that is intended to cause bodily harm or feelings of intimidation, fear or pain. Any kind of contact that results in psychical injuries is considered psychical abuse. Denying the victim the medical services they require is also psychical abuse, and so is coercion to consume alcohol or drugs against the will of the victim.
Sexual abuse and marital rape are also forms of domestic violence. Forcing a person to engage in sexual activity without his or her concern is an act of violence, even if the victim is the perpetrator’s spouse.
Another type of domestic violence is emotional abuse, where the perpetrator humiliates the victim deliberately, embarrasses her, blackmails her, or isolating the victim from her family or friends.
Economic abuse is also a type of domestic violence. By restricting the other person’s access to economic resources, the perpetrator commits economic abuse. In other words, the perpetrator may seek to prevent the victim from being able to support himself or herself.

Causes of Domestic Violence

Psychological causes are most often poor impulse control, poor anger management and various personality disorders. Abusers are suffering from some form of psychopathy in most cases, according to studies. Behavioral causes can be eradicated if the abuser gets help and is taught self-control. Behavior therapy is very effective in these cases.
Jealousy is a major cause of domestic abuse. Victims often suffer this form of violence when they are suspected of being unfaithful or of wanting to leave the relationship.
Mental illness is often a cause of domestic violence. Antisocial, paranoid and passive-aggressive disorders are all causes of domestic violence.

Solutions – Law Enforcement and Counseling

Domestic violence is a criminal offence in most countries and in all states of the United States. The punishment varies from country to country and from state to state, but the crime of domestic abuse results in prison sentences in most cases. Law enforcement is meant to protect the victim from the abuser in a variety of ways. Counseling is offered for both the victims and the offenders. Counseling is done with each individual separately in most cases. There are various counseling solutions to domestic abuse, each with different results for the victim and the perpetrator.


Although society and law enforcement are taking a strong stance against domestic abuse, this type of abuse is still on the rise. To prevent it, steps should be taken to educate all women about their rights, offer shelters for battered women, and provide all the assistance the victim needs. Only when these solutions are fully implemented will we be able to see a decrease in the number of cases of domestic violence.

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