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How to Write an Against Death Penalty Essay?

Whatever your stance on the death penalty topic is, you will most likely have to write a paper on it in school. Writing a death penalty essay may not be as easy as you think. You can find a lot of arguments that support or oppose the death penalty. However, most students are having trouble with the writing part. They don’t know how to write a death penalty persuasive essay. You need to convince your audience that your point of view should be adopted, and doing this is no simple task. Here is an example of a paper on the death penalty that you can use for free to get an idea of how the final version of your essay should look like.
You probably know the saying “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.” It is taken from the Code of Hammurabi of Babylon. This saying applies nowadays when we talk about the death penalty. The only problem is that this code was written in around 1754 BC. So how are we still enforcing it in our modern society? Capital punishment is an archaic form of punishment and should be abolished. We should not condone murder under any circumstance, so the Government should not have the right to kill a human being. Furthermore, the legal proceedings may be biased and the costs of putting a person to death are outrageous.

Race and Resources Affect Convictions

Studies have shown that there is a greater chance of a homicide case resulting in a death penalty when the victim is white and the perpetrator is of a minority race (black, Hispanic, etc.). This means that the legal system is biased. It also means that accused persons do not benefit from a completely impartial trial right from the start. Another problem with death penalty cases is that most of the defendants do not have access to the financial resources that would enable them to hire high quality defense attorneys. These people are usually assigned free defenders, who are inferior. Inferior legal representation means that the defender has a lower chance of avoiding the death penalty.

Death Penalty Costs Are Incredible

It has demonstrated by several studies that the death penalty is more costly than life imprisonment. There are prolonged proceedings when it comes to death penalty cases. In many cases, the end result is a retrial, so the costs double instantly. Also, convicted persons are not put to death immediately. They often spend many years (tens of years in many cases) in special sections of special prisons.
There are no conclusive studies that show that the death penalty has any impact on the rates of homicides in the United States. Death penalty is not a good deterrent for major crime and is a crime in itself. The funds that are disbursed for capital punishment can be used to implement prevention measures against murder and other criminal offences.

Anti-Death Penalty Groups

Anti-death penalty groups do not empathize with persons who have committed serious offences, contrary to popular belief. They do not sympathize with murderers or child molesters. They do, however, believe that killing the perpetrator does not help the victim in any way. It is a form of revenge that doesn’t really benefit anyone, so these groups are only trying to voice their opinion and stop the death penalty.


In conclusion, I believe that the death penalty should be abolished in all the states in the United States. It is not an effective deterrent of serious crime and the costs involved are outrageous. Also, studies show that courts can be biased in death penalty cases. Taking a human being’s life as punishment is not an act befitting a modern society.

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