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How You Can Write an Animal Testing Research Paper Quickly

Everyone wants to be able to write essays quickly and do a great job on each one of them. However, even an animal testing essay can be a difficult task for many students. They don’t have enough experience with academic writing to be able to write efficiently. However, there is something you can do to significantly speed things up. By looking at a great example of an animal testing argumentative essay, you can learn a lot about the structure of such a paper. You can use the sample written by our expert academic writers for free.

Animal Testing Is Wrong and Should Be Stopped


According to F. Barbara Orlans’s book (In the Name of Science: Issues in Responsible Animal Experimentation), 60% of all animals used for animal testing are used for testing product safety and biomedical research. The topic of animal testing is a very hot topic and people almost invariably disagree on it. Some people consider animals to be their companions and love them, while others consider them nothing more than a tool that can be used for medical advancement. It is my opinion, that animals have rights and that they should not be subjected to procedures that cause psychical and psychological trauma.

Animals Have Rights Too

Animals are not that different to humans. They too can feel pain, experience emotions, know fear, and think about their safety. Animals who are used in experiments are not giving their consent. Even though they can’t talk, like a human could, animals still have the right to be treated with respect and fairness. Our legal system protects individuals who cannot give consent, so why would it not protect animals as well?
During testing, animals are put through procedures that are often painful or that cause severe psychological trauma. In many cases, the tests prove to be deadly for the animals involved, or at least leaves them scarred for life. This is a cruel way to treat these beings, as they have no choice and cannot oppose.
The pain and suffering animals endure during testing very rarely leads to significant advances in medicine or technology. In other words, people put animals through unspeakable pain without actually getting much in return. This is morally wrong on every level.
The Draize and LD50 tests are infamous for the suffering they can cause animals. During the Draize test – which is considered to be very unreliable – the product being tested is put on the animal’s eyes and then scientists analyze the effect. Needless to say that in most cases blindness and severe pain are the immediate results. Death is not uncommon either. During the LD50 test, tests are being conducted to see how much time a substance needs to cause death. This horrific test causes the animals to suffer for days, even weeks, until they die.

Are There Any Benefits?

There have been very few benefits derived from animal testing. In most cases, animals suffer and die needlessly. Yet many people strongly argue that it is right for animals to be sacrificed to make products and substances safe for human use. However, evidence shows that companies can use various other methods to test their products. And in most cases, those methods are more reliable than animal testing.


In conclusion, it is morally wrong to test new products and substances on animals, even if it is to make the product safe for human use. More and more people are opposing animal testing and many companies have begun to change their testing methods to avoid animals. During testing, the basic rights of the animals are infringed. I think that one of the best methods of preventing animal testing is to stop buying products that have been tested in this way. If nobody would buy these products, the companies would be forced to chance their texting methodology.

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