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Writing a Good Research Paper About Abortion

Abortion is a hot potato when it comes to using it as a topic for your research papers. It is not easy to write an essay on abortion, even though there are many sources of information on the Internet. You probably don’t have enough academic writing experience to do an outstanding job. You also probably want to see how an essay is properly structured before you start writing your research paper on abortion. Luckily for you, we have just the sample you need. Our team of academic writers has written the following example to help you, so you can use any part of it for free.

A Free Research Paper Sample About Abortion


Medication and surgical procedures make it relatively easy for a woman to have an abortion nowadays. Also, the complications that result from abortions are usually non-life-threatening due to advances in medicine. However, abortion is seriously challenged by religion and by morality. There are also legal measures in place that aim to prevent the use of abortions where unnecessary or where there is a risk (abortions are a leading cause of maternal deaths all over the world).

Types of Abortion

Studies show that a third of all pregnancies in the world today are unwanted and that a fifth of these unwanted pregnancies end up in abortion. There are two types of abortion: induced and spontaneous.
Induced abortion means the forceful removal of the fetus from the womb. Various means are used by medical personnel to achieve this. A woman may choose to have an abortion on her own or may be compelled by medical personnel to have one in case the pregnancy puts her life at risk.
Spontaneous abortion (miscarriage) is an unintentional abortion that is caused by various abnormalities in the body of the mother, diabetes, trauma, and many other factors.

Causes of Induced Abortion

Unfortunately, pregnancy and children are considered by many women as an obstacle. It is perceived that one cannot have fun and enjoy life after giving birth. As such, many women have abortions out of simple convenience. Poverty is also a cause of abortion. Mothers who don’t have the financial resources to raise a child prefer to have an abortion. However, these women should be aware that they can give the child for adoption in most civilized countries.
Rape is another reason why women use abortion methods. The woman wants to get rid of the psychological trauma caused by the rape and removes all signs that the rape ever happened. This, unfortunately, means getting rid of the unborn child as well.

Methods of Abortion

There are two methods of having an abortion: though a surgical procedure or by taking the abortion pill. The abortion pill is taken for pregnancies up to nine weeks old; otherwise it will have no effect or will cause adverse effects. The drugs administered force the uterus to shed its lining, eliminating the fetus.
If the fetus is 9 to 14 weeks old, a surgical removal procedure can be performed if the health of the mother permits it. A sterile tube is used to perform suction inside the uterus, removing the fetus.


The causes of abortion vary, as well as the methods used to perform it. In the modern society, having an abortion is not considered of much importance, unfortunately. It looks like one would not think twice about having an abortion, even though the procedure may put her life at risk. Few women consider other options, such as giving the baby for adoption or getting help from religious and anti-abortion foundations. Further research is needed to find the best methods of decreasing the number of yearly abortions.

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